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What does computer repair cost cost?

On average, we charge approximately $50-60 for labor and plus parts and applicable taxes. You should call for a quote.

How long does it take to fix an Apple/Samsung/etc. mobile device?

Typically these repairs are completed in 1-2 days depending on parts availability.  


Can I ship my device to you for repairs?

Yes. Begin a repair ticket with support and they will provide the appropriate shipping address to send your device for repair.


What does small business IT support cost?

We support SMB workstations for $99 per month, and $250 per server per month for managed IT support services.

How much does remote support cost?

Remote support clients can expect to pay around $37.00 per month with onsite costs at approximately $135 an hour. These prices are estimates, but they are close in almost every scenario.

Are you hard to reach when I have a problem?

If you need to get in touch with us you can always call, text or email us. Our clients also have our cell numbers, and can text if they have an urgent issue.

We pride ourselves on responsiveness and good communication.

How do you tune-up my PC?

We'll check for viruses and spyware, and diagnose any operating system issues. If your device has been infected, we'll remove the viruses and spyware. We can also fix operating system issues, including start-up errors and blue screens. We'll recommend solutions to prevent future infections, and install any critical updates to your software. Our Agents have experience with all types of computers and operating systems.

Can I schedule a delivery or pick-up?

Yes. Call or e-mail your problem and device information to schedule this type of service request. If you e-mail, you will receive a call-back to confirm the appointment.

Can you help with things like ESI Discovery?

Yes. Our ESI partner has decades of results and service delivery across a range of legal matters. Call or e-mail to schedule a conversation.

How do I know if my computer has a virus?

There are signs that your system has a virus, but it is not always easy to see the symptoms. Slowness, pop-ups, new errors messages, and other performance changes are helpful in alerting users to computer issues.  

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